Career Advancement Project (CAP) coming soon-LiCAN Innovation

The Liberia Career Advancement Network (LiCAN) organization will launch a Career advancement project in Liberia to support college leavers in 2019 and beyond. The project uses a social enterprising approach to foster career advancement for unemployed college graduates. It aims to create a world-class career advancement program to equip unemployed graduates with employability, soft skills and confidence to be successful in their job/career search and the workplace. Component-1 is the on-campus program providing mentorship and seminar opportunities to help prospective graduates have access to career advice and strengthen their employment potentials. Component-2 represents the off-campus program that provides unemployed graduates access to professional development, employability skills, and entrepreneurship learning. It addresses the needs of participants to build a brand and stay fit for the job market. Component-3 is the Entrepreneurshop venture designed to utilize the skills of CAP ambassadors and promoters by serving as a hub for the provision of application support services to the general public.

By applying a three components social enterprise approach, this project will impact a wide range of stakeholders. College graduates will have access to career support on-and-off campus to learn about the many resources, opportunities, and events available to them. The Project is expected to benefit 125 Liberian graduates between the ages of 16 and 35 in their final college year, drawn from 5 universities in Monrovia and Bong Counties, or is a recent graduate of a participating university but currently unemployed. As these students become more productive, their communities benefit from peaceful, productive and engaging citizens. Other beneficiaries include Development partners and the Government of Liberia. While all sponsors will get more visibility and results of their work in promoting youth development, the government of Liberia will start seeing results in key areas related to the Pro-Poor agenda since it talks about putting the poor at the center of development programs.  Universities benefit from the production of employable graduates.

Generally, CAP will be a win-win for emerging professionals and the organization that hires them. It will give employers a chance to see the potential in young people who bring high educational attainment and provides employers with the ability to hire pre-tested employees with experience. This means not only an increased ability to obtain work, but also increase the likelihood that students will be employed in a field where their particular competencies and skills are a good match to their chosen path and the adaptability to find and create future work suited to their competencies and society’s needs. Overall, the CAP initiative should work to develop students into more adaptable professionals who have both technical expertise and broad skills that are attractive to employers.

Finishing CAP means earning a LiCAN-CAP branded portfolio to use during interviews, professional jobs, or graduate school.

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